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Messy mat Perth is a sensory messy play experience for babies and toddlers aimed at little ones aged between 6 months and 4 years. We create specialised free play events covering all suburbs of Perth & the South West. Created in June 2018 we are the largest and longest running sensory messy play business in WA. Providing a quality sensory messy play event where families can come and explore different products and textures in a specialist setting, little ones are able to splash, touch, pour, mix and create to their hearts content. understand that different age groups have different sensory needs, we have taken the time to ensure that the key elements of sensory play for each age group are met.


We proudly promote that our session are 100% food base products. As a mother of a 15, 13 & 5 year old I know full well the struggles we face when our little ones are going through the mouthing stage. Considering our core demographic I believe that to enable a little one to truely explore their senses providing a 100% food based session will enable this to happen. The motivation behind creating my 4th baby, was a passion & belief I have that sensory activities, in addition to being fun and interesting for babies and young children, encourages them to explore, investigate and refine their thresholds for different sensory information. Having vast experience working with individuals that have Sensory Processing Disorder, creating play based programs and collaboratively working with families on coping strategies, it is my firm belief that the earlier that sensory activities are introduced to little ones the more beneficial they are to a little ones wider development.

When creating Messy Mat Perth, my family had embarked in a journey of our own sensory challenges. Our daughter Charlotte was born 9 weeks premature & had developed some instant sensory tendencies. When looking for programs to help with this issue & chatting with likeminded parents in the same boat as myself , it was soon apparent that nothing existed in Perth. Drawing on my sensory background & seeing a real need for a service, Messy Mat Perth was Born.
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